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Have you ever been browsing a website and noticed a frame that pulled content directly from another website and displayed it on the one you were browsing? If so, that was most likely an application of the iFrame tag or a similar piece of coding that allows for a similar result.

iFrame allows website designers to pull content from another website and embed it in their WordPress website. This is useful for a number of reasons, and is frequently seen in the use of videos or other media that originates from a different site. It is also used to show social media content on a site without requiring users to leave the original site.

While iFrame is quite useful, web designers should exercise caution when including it. It is possible for malicious third parties to place iFrame in a site and use the code as a way to gain unauthorized access thereto. To this end, before including an iFrame tag, web developers should verify that both the source of the code itself as well as the website from which they will be pulling content are reliable and trustworthy. Otherwise, they could be opening their site up to attacks from malicious hackers.

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