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responsive website design los angelesWhy Responsive Website Design?

Website design today has had to advance with advancing mobile technology. No longer do visitors access your website only from desktop computers. Mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, notebooks, desktop PCs and others with various screen sizes are being used to view your site. The concept of responsive web design will let you optimize your website for all devices and maintain uniform user experience across them.

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive website design is a methodology that develops your website to adjust automatically to all screen sizes and devices that are used to access the website. In other words, it creates a device-independent user interface to offer the best viewing experience. It allows users to view the website and easily navigate through it with minimum panning, scrolling and resizing irrespective of resolutions and screen widths. Using responsive design, developers code style sheets for your website to magically fit the website to the browser it is being viewed on.

The Problems That Responsive Design Provides Solutions For

There are a few core concepts behind responsive website design to solve certain problems in today’s mobile age.

  • The need for designing separate websites for mobile devices is eliminated.
  • The need for horizontal and vertical scrolling is limited, giving viewers an upgraded website viewing experience on their mobile devices.
  • Responsive design is deployed with CSS media queries that assign different styles depending on the size of the browser window, so the content does not need to be altered for each device. You can continue to use your preferred content management system such as WordPress to manage your content while responsive design takes care of website layout based on display density, device and screen size.
  • Flexible media and images are used to fit the screen size.
  • Elements of the site are fitted smoothly and effortlessly across small and large screens with the help of liquid layouts and fluid grids.

These benefits will enable you to provide excellent user experience to approximately 56 percent of the global population that uses smartphones today and the 112.5 million US consumers that are expected to own tablets by 2016.

Is Responsive Design For Your Business?

The answer to this question lies in the type of business you own and the audience that visits your website. If your audience largely belongs to the younger demographic that accesses websites through their iPads, smartphones and Android devices, then it makes a lot of business sense to incorporate responsive design. It will eliminate the need for maintaining two websites, one for desktop PCs and another for mobile devices.

The Future Benefits Of Responsive Design

Clearly, while the World switches to mobile devices as projected, it will become essential in the future to cater to the needs of all users, and responsive design is fast becoming the future of web design. Technologies like Flash are becoming obsolete. The web is gradually moving towards standard-driven approaches in development using CSS3 and HTML5.

Adopting responsive design will help you tell the World that you are driven by a vision for the future. Keeping the focus of web design on the users’ needs is going to be beneficial for the business in the long run. Contact us for a responsive website design quote and take your business towards the future!