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We don’t go all the way without getting to know you first. Call us old-fashioned, but at CHRS we want to find out what makes you tick—and more importantly, what will make your clients come running. We start out with a phone call to get the scoop on your company’s image, where you stand now and what you’re looking for in a design firm.

If there’s chemistry between us, we’ll set up a meeting to go over the juicy details. That’s when we’ll devise a design plan, chat about your concerns, and tally a detailed estimate. We’ll also provide a timeline—and don’t worry, we won’t make you hold your breath too long.

This Step includes:
Kick-off meeting | Research | Definition of Goals


We have beauty and brains. Of course you want a stunning product, but it won’t be much use without flawless functionality. We’ll kick off your project with the brand-development phase. We can improve on what you already have, or help you establish a spanking-new image. From there, we’ll delve into user experience and information architecture. Based on your brand and target audience, we’ll give birth to a design that fits. We don’t care about being hip or fitting in with the design world—we want to give you a product that rings a bell for your unique customer base.

This Step includes:
User Experience (UX) | Wireframing | Visual Design


Now that we’ve got a breathtaking WordPress design, it’s time to get the ball rolling. That’s where our website developers come in, producing clean, effective code to back it all up. We employ the Agile model, meaning we break the project down to bite-sized chunks. Our WordPress design and development teams are BFFs, collaborating from start to finish for a seamless end result. Our employees share their knowledge and creativity with one another in an effort to make each project even better than the last, testing and scrutinizing code to perfection. WordPress Development is all about smooth function, and we build our code to elevate our design, not bog it down.

This Step includes:
Front-End Development | Back-End Development | Mobile Development


Time for action! You came to us for an amazing product, and this is exactly what you’ll get. And our talents go far beyond inspired design and expertly crafted development. Need applications? We’ve got your back. And your spectacular new WordPress website will pair nicely with a launch and marketing strategy, which we can confidently supply. At CHRS, we see you as more than just a fling. We offer ongoing support plans, partnering with you to constantly improve your product for the future. As your company evolves, we’ll stick with you the whole way.