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website design los angeles Recent changes in technology have radically modified the way in which people consume information. Here are just some of the web design best practices that have come up.

1. WordPress

WordPress has grown to become a force to reckon with in the market recently. Not only is it search engine friendly and with tons of social features, but it also has thousands of developers and countless users. A huge chunk of the websites on the internet runs on WordPress. This is evidenced by the high traffic from these sites. WordPress is easy to use and has a huge user base making it the king among the content management systems.

2. Trends in mobile

The world is going mobile. With the mobility offered by these devices, people are using them more and more each day. A huge amount of internet traffic comes from mobile devices and having a web presence that is friendly for these devices is important for business. This means that websites should be mobile friendly as more and more people are accessing them from the mobile devices. The content should be easily accessible from tiny screens without compromising the experience of the user while using the site.

3. Shift from flash to HTML5

There has been a rapid change in the way multimedia is delivered on the internet. Video and audio is now being presented using HTML5 and jQuery. HTML5 have native support on the mobile devices and loads much faster. The user experience obtained using this technology is even better than that of flash.

4. Responsive design

With the degree of fragmentation in the devices market and the huge number of different devices available all with different features and capabilities, web design and development should be responsive to the user’s behavior and device they are accessing the website from. Using modern technologies such as HTML5 & CSS3, it is now possible to have the same user experience for each device as the web pages adapt themselves to fit with the specifications of the device from which it is being accessed from. The elements in the website are fluid and arrange themselves differently depending on the device. On smaller devices, some of the elements that are not often used are hidden but can easily be accessed from the menu of the site.

Responsive design also adapt to changes in the orientation of the device such that is the user tilts their device to landscape orientation, the web pages arrange themselves differently exposing more options than were visible when the device was in portrait mode. With responsive web design, the user experience is the same regardless of the device used to access the information. Having a responsive design increase the traffic to the website and more users can access the website.

5. Social sharing

Social media integration is as important as basic navigation on a website. Website design has evolved to come up with new ways of integrating social media links into a website. This gives prominence to the social channels and makes the content on a site easily shareable. This increases the marketing reach of a business and has a huge impact on ranking on search engines.

Including social sharing on a site is very crucial to the success of the site and goes a long way to promote the site online. People like to share interesting things that they see and this leads to free marketing for your business.

6. Conversion Optimization

This is focused on converting the site visitors to customers. This involves understanding your website visitors and improving the design of the website to help them find what they are looking for easily. This in turn leads to a larger audience for your business. Website design should therefore have this in mind in order to ensure the best experience for the users and in turn lead to a higher conversion rate.

In conclusion, there have been rapid changes in web design in recent times. From content management systems to responsive design, everything is changing to accommodate the changing trends in information consumption. This means that businesses have to keep up-to-date with web design behaviors in order to compete in the market and maintain their relevance. Being ahead in terms of technology is what counts in this modern age.