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One of the things that really sets WordPress apart from other content management systems (CMS) is its flexibility. WordPress comes pre-packaged with a variety of themes that users can take advantage of when designing their sites. With all the different themes available, most users are able to find a theme that is both suitable to their business and appealing to them, as well as being appealing to their customers and other target audiences for their websites.

However, for those who want customize the default theme settings, WordPress offers the ability to customize theme backgrounds. Whether it is something as minor as changing the color of a page’s background or something more complex, such as uploading and using custom images for a background, WordPress designers will find the custom background tool to be valuable when they are customizing a website.

Many WordPress themes will not have custom background enabled; fortunately, it is relatively easy to add the feature to themes and enable it. By modifying the theme’s “function.php” file, WordPress users can enable the custom background option, thereby unlocking the ability to modify the background for the website theme they are currently using.

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