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When a website is located on a dedicated server, it is said to have dedicated hosting. This means that the server’s resources are all focused on the single website. Dedicated hosting is useful for WordPress sites that get a large amount of traffic on a regular basis. The other option is to make use of shared hosting. That type of hosting involves one server with multiple websites on it. The server’s resources have to be divided up among the different sites. For sites with many visitors, this can result in the site performing slowly or actually crashing.

Many webhosts do offer dedicated hosting packages, although these plans are usually more expensive than shared hosting options. Some sites also offer what is called VPS hosting. In this option, multiple websites share a server, but the server’s resources are not shared. Each client has a set amount of dedicated resources that the other websites cannot access.

Organizations or businesses that anticipate having a large amount of traffic every month will want to look at dedicated hosting. In most cases, dedicated hosting can be managed, which means that the hosting company manages the server. For those who have a dedicated IT expert or staff, however, unmanaged hosting is also an option.

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