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The home page of a website is the main page that comes up when you navigate to it. Although home pages can vary widely depending on the use of the page and the preferences of the web designer, it is typically an introduction to the website and contains links, menus, and similar interfaces to allow visitors to move around the site.

WordPress utilizes a home page scheme that displays the main page with all its content listed in order from newest to oldest. This can result in the home page feeling more like a blog than some other type of website, and some web designers prefer to have an unchanging home page (known as a static page) with links to blogs, new entries, and other dynamic content.

There are a few different ways to set up your website so that the home page is a static page. Depending on your comfort level in the area of website design, you could either create a file called “front-page.php” to serve as your home page, or you could go into the WordPress admin panel under “settings  >> reading” and designate one of your pages—including a static page—to be your home page.

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