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JavaScript is a program that allows website developers to add features to a website. When the Internet was new, most websites were comprised of blocks of text with a few photos thrown in; however, today’s websites have a number of interactive features such as sliders, buttons, alerts, forms, and other similar things.

WordPress allows users to plugin JavaScript and use it to add the above, and other, features to their websites. This can be done a few different ways, most commonly by utilizing a JavaScript directory on the website. This directory is a place where web developers can place JavaScript files for use when they are needed. Using the JavaScript directory—as opposed to building the features right into the website—results in webpages that load more quickly and maximizes computing resources.

By utilizing JavaScript in conjunction with WordPress, users can create websites that are simple and intuitive as well as efficient and effective. In short, it lets developers have the best of both worlds when it comes to website development.

Although developers have the ability to code JavaScript straight into their WordPress template, this approach is usually not recommended, as it does result in websites that are more sluggish. The better approach is to use a JavaScript directory and only call in the JavaScript files when they are needed.

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