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In WordPress, the Media tab can be found on the admin sidebar. Clicking on it allows you to manage all of the various media files – images, videos, audio, etc. – that have been uploaded to your WordPress site.

The Media menu has two different screens. The first is the Library, which lists your media files. You can edit and delete these files from this screen. The second is the Add New screen. Here, you can upload new media files to your WordPress site, although you can also upload these files while you’re writing a blog post or a new page. The Add New button allows you to upload new media without inserting them into a post. You can also do basic image editing from this page, including resizing, scaling, flipping, and cropping images. You can also automatically create additional image sizes or add image sizes to each new image that is uploaded to your site.

One thing many users dislike about the media section is that there is no way to organize it. All of the files are sorted by the month and year in which the files were uploaded. While you can search these files, you can’t separate them into different folders. You can, however, use one of the different plugins to organize them by adding tags.

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