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In WordPress, a permalink is the term for the permanent link or URL of an individual page or blog post on your site. They are sometimes also called pretty links because they do not contain any of the random characters or other odd formatting that a WordPress URL contains by default.

By default, WordPress assigns each post a number. This number is then included in the link to the post instead of the post title or any other helpful information. To change this to the post’s title or to include information such as when the post was written, you will need to enable permalinks. Click on Settings, then on Permalinks to open the permalink setup page. Here, you can select what information to include in the permalink and how it’s formatted.

WordPress provides you with a number of different pieces of information to include in each post’s URL. This includes the title, the date, the day of the week, the month, and other information. All of these formats are SEO friendly and can help give your posts a boost in their search engine rankings. You can decide what information to include and the format based on your own preferences. No one option has been found to be better than another.

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