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WordPress theme developers can use post formats in order to add additional value to their posts by defining how posts are visually represented. There are a variety of different post formats available to developers who want to provide support for this option in their themes. However, while themes can include post formats, developers cannot create their own custom formats.

Below are some of the different post formats currently available:

  • Standard – The default post format
  • Aside – A note like post, usually styled without title.
  • Gallery – A gallery of images.
  • Link – A link to another site.
  • Image – An image or photograph
  • Quote – A quotation.
  • Status – Twitter like short status update
  • Video – A post containing video
  • Audio – An audio file.
  • Chat – A chat transcript

Themes do not have to support every type of post format. Developers can include the post formats they want while leaving out support for those they feel they will not need.

Most users will use the standard post format, which can include text, images, videos, and audio clips. However, for those who want to create a gallery featuring various images, using the Gallery format is much easier than using the Standard option. Along the same lines, using the Link format is a good way of quickly sharing a link without writing a full post.

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