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In WordPress, you can add the workflow status on any post you’ve created. This is called the post status, and WordPress provides eight different default statuses: draft, pending, published, trash, inherit, future, and auto-draft. Posts are also given the “new” status when published if they have not had any other status. It’s also possible to use plugins and themes to create your own custom statuses if needed. This can be used to better organize your posts, especially if you have a large site and a number of different authors.

You’re likely to use some of these statuses more than others. The draft status, for example, is useful if you’re starting a post but may not be able to finish it right away. It saves the post, but does not publish it, so it’s not visible to anyone browsing your website. You can return to edit it as many times as you want before publishing it. Pending is also a commonly used status if you require each post to be approved by an editor or administrator before being published.

If you need to extend the post status functionality, there are a number of different plugins you can use. Many also expect that WordPress will add new post statuses through future updates.

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