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The term WordCamp is specifically used to describe locally organized and run WordPress conferences. Local WordPress communities from around the globe will pay for, organize and attend these conferences, which can cover anything related to WordPress. The WordPress Foundation and have published guidelines that each WordCamp around the globe closely follows. In 2006, San Francisco held the first WordCamp, since then, hundreds have been held in numerous countries throughout the world.

The Conferences provide realtors, entrepreneurs, local businesses, WordPress plugin and theme developers, bloggers, marketers, designers and anyone else who uses WordPress together to address the growing needs and concerns of their community. It helps these communities come together to find solutions to problems that they are finding within WordPress.

These conferences provide an excellent place for business owners to network with their community. They are also the best places to learn more about WordPress, what it can do, and how others are taking advantage of the unique opportunities that WordPress can bring to a business or an organization. The camps cover everything from developing new themes and plugins to covering the basics of using WordPress. WordCamp is a great place for new and seasoned WordPress users to gather, share their thoughts, learn more about WordPress and become a connected part of their community.

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