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gravity forms video tutorial

Gravity Forms basic tutorial

Having a great website is only half of the battle when it comes to turning website views into business. A major factor in the transition from someone who is just visiting your site to someone who is purchasing your good or service is the contact form you use. The form is what allows you to obtain vital customer information for follow up or closing the sale. To get the best forms out there, you need Gravity Forms. Here are a few of the things Gravity Forms can do for you.

What Is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is a plugin that works on the WordPress platform. It’s used to create and customize forms for your site. Whether you just want a simple “contact me” form, or a larger form that utilizes more features and requires deeper client interaction, Gravity Forms has you covered.

Used by more than a million websites (and growing), Gravity Forms is one of the most popular and practical form building plugins in existence today. What’s more, Gravity Forms is designed to interface with third party services to let you seamlessly integrate your forms with services like PayPal, Stripe, and others. So you don’t have to worry about redesigning your website; with Gravity Forms, you know you’ll have forms that are compatible with what you’ve already got in place.

Features of Gravity Forms

Of course, a full exploration of all the features and uses of Gravity Forms is far beyond the scope of this blog article. Having said that, here are just a few of the more popular features of Gravity Forms:

  • Form editor. To help you get started adding and configuring forms.
  • Multi-page forms. For longer forms, you can break them down into multiple pages. To cut down on client abandonment problems, you can add a progress bar to show customers how close they are to completion.
  • Limit entries. If you are collecting a limited number of entries, Gravity Forms lets you set a limit on the number of entries a form accepts. Once you hit your limit, you can display a message giving people further instructions.
  • Advanced fields. If you need more than the basic information, use advanced fields to capture addresses, phone numbers, and even website URLs and file uploads.

Need More Information on How to Use Gravity Forms?

This Gravity Forms for WordPress tutorial takes you through the basics of Gravity Forms in a step-by-step style. Following the video, you’ll quickly learn to build the WordPress form you need for your site. It will show you how to do things like create and modify fields, select and configure form options, and add forms that you need for your already-existing site.

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