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wordpress development quoteNew WordPress developers often have a problem quoting WordPress development projects. Quotes vary depending on the nature on the project and the clients. Sometimes, a single page quote will do, whereas other situations call for more complex WordPress development proposal. Use this guide to learn how to create quotes for new clients:

Quoting WordPress Development Projects

You first need to identify what the project requires, how long you will take to complete it and any extra costs that might arise (such as travel costs, subcontractors and plugin licenses).

First, use an hourly rate calculator (like Motivapp) to create your own hourly rate. As you do this, ensure that you are realistic and you certainly don’t want to charge too much or too little. You should also include:

  • All your design and development time
  • All premium plugins you might need for the projects (include an allowance for the plugins you have multiple licenses for)
  • Costs of all resources you might need to pay for or buy, including stock photography
  • Cost of domain registration, hosting, and server space (if required)
  • Costs of hiring subcontractors (if required)
  • Extra time required to do work you might not have done in the past
  • Project evaluation and management time, such as client meetings

When you work out the pricing, you will know how much to quote for the project.

Quoting Per Job or Per Hour

Your estimate will include a breakdown of how much time you will need for the project. However, you should know that some uncertainties might arise, which will require that you spend more time working on the project.

If the client will cover these uncertainties, then charge them per hour. However, if the uncertainties are on you, consider charging per project.

Itemizing WordPress Development Project Quotes

Most clients do not like quotes and invoices that have not been itemized. Therefore, ensure that you include such elements whenever you are quoting WordPress development projects:

  • Design work
  • Development work
  • Project management time
  • Software, hosting and other expenditures that will arise during the project

If possible, divide the development work into understandable chunks, including SEO, adding eCommerce functionalities, customizing themes and plugins, and the basic website build.

Alternative Quote Options

Once you start out on a project, the client might not know what they really want. Similarly, you might not have figured out how to best deliver a great WordPress website to them. In such cases, you should separate each element and provide prices for each option. This will remind the client of the cost for each option they need on their website. As a result, you will be able to account for most uncertainties while clearing things up between the client and yourself.

Unexpected Costs

Almost every WordPress project is befuddled by surprises. For instance, the client might change their requirements or spot things they are interested in adding on the website. Therefore, you should know how to clarify the charges for all unexpected happenstances.

In this manner, you will avoid project creep where clients expect you to deliver more without necessarily paying for it.

Project Proposals and Briefs

While quoting WordPress projects for established clients and small tasks, you only need an outline of the costs written on one page. However, new clients and larger projects might compel you to create a project proposal.

Most basic project briefs should outline what is required and the rough timescales for achieving these requirements on one page. You can then use this brief to create a proper project plan later on. The project proposal should, however, include:

  • Project overview
  • Main objectives and rational behind the project
  • Work details, split into sections for SEO, hosting, site maintenance, design and development
  • Proposals and recommendations
  • Extra services you offer
  • Your company information
  • Portfolio of past projects
  • Overall project costs

However, you should be careful that you do not include some things in your project proposal whenever you are quoting WordPress projects.

  • Draft designs of the homepage you will provide to the client.
  • Full project plan
  • Any spec work

Getting Awesome Projects

In conclusion, great quotes will always help you land excellent projects. This is why you need to learn how to prepare quotes. Simply by providing your potential clients with accurate quotes that put your skill set and fees in the best light, you will be able to prove that you understand their needs. This will, in the long run, help you start winning projects. It will also manage the client’s expectations during the project timeline, earn you what you deserve, and cement the trust between you, your company and your clients.