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web designer los angeles If you own a small business in Los Angeles and don’t have a website, then you’ve been probably wondering if it is time to build one.

While you may in fact need an online presence this doesn’t mean that you should simply build any type of website. Different types of websites can be used to achieve different business goals. Before you begin building your website there are some important questions that you need to ask yourself and your web designer first.

Is a website right for your business?

The answer to this question might seem obvious. After all in 2013 doesn’t every small business need a website? In fact the answer isn’t as clear as it might seem. Many small businesses are successful and attract customers without needing a website. Small businesses which have a strong local following often find that they don’t need a website to keep their cash registers ringing.

Many businesses find that they need a website because they wish to expand. While their current operation might be successful, they aren’t reaching the potential they know they can achieve. Perhaps they want to reach a wider audience across Los Angeles or attract new customers.

If you are looking to expand, the next step is to establish whether a website is the best means to achieve this. Call CHRS Interactive and talk with one of our web professionals to discuss your options and how we can help you.

How will you use your website to grow your business?

Before developing your website you should have a clear understanding of how it will help you to grow your business. Building a website is an investment, and as such you want to ensure that it will produce a positive return on investment.

There are many different ways a business can use a website. Many business owners use their website as a marketing tool. It is a place that they can refer customers and educate them about the products and services offered. Other business owners use their website as a place where they can interact with their customers. This allows them to develop a better relationship with these customers and establish long term customer loyalty. A website may have eCommerce functionality and be used to directly sell services or products. Finally a company may place ads on their website and create a whole new revenue stream.

As you can see there are many different ways of using a website to grow a business. If you are unsure about how you want to use your website, talk to the experts at CHRS interactive to help you determine your needs.

Who will build your website?

If you decide that a website is in fact right for your business, then the next step is to decide who will build it. The choice that you make can have a significant impact on the success of your business. Customers will judge your business by the quality of your site and you want to make sure you achieve the best possible result.

One option is to build the website yourself. Most small business owners are used to having to do tasks for themselves. Finding the software to build your own website is in fact not that difficult. There are a number of free and inexpensive website builders that you can use. The problem is the time required to master these technologies and build a site that will represent your business properly. Website design is a specialized skill and often it is easier to hire a professional to build the site for you. In the end hiring someone else is invariably faster and more cost effective.

When selecting your Los Angeles web designer it is important to choose carefully. Some small business owners will attempt to get the job complete cheaper by hiring a non professional to complete the work. While many people know a little about web design they rarely understand the finer details about building a high quality website.

If you choose to hire a professional team like CHRS Interactive, you will have experienced website designers working on your site. They will build a site that not only looks great but actually help you to grow your business. The finished website will be easy to navigate, carefully reflect the image of your brand and meet the needs of your customers.

Building a great website doesn’t stop with the design however. The CHRS Interactive content team will create search engine optimized content that will draw visitors to your site. The social media experts at CHRS interactive will ensure your customers are kept up to date with the latest developments in your business. They will work with you to build a social buzz for your business and higher level of customer engagement.

Talk to CHRS Interactive today and let them help you to build a website which meets all of your business needs.