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Aspiring blogger? Choice is easy

If you want to simply sign up for an account for some virtual space in the World Wide Web — head straight to Here, WordPress will be hosting your website or your blog for free, and providing you with most of the features and elements required for its existence – a template, fonts, storage space, themes, formats etc.

Be your own host

With, on the other hand, you are actually downloading the WordPress software from them and using it to host your own dedicated, independent website, instead of working out of the For starters, you will no longer have the word WordPress attached to your domain name, but whatever name you choose to give your site. This could be a clincher for those who want to run their own businesses online.

For, a hosting server will be offering you virtual space in exchange for payment, and you thereafter use the WordPress software to run the domain that you purchase. While this means more work and more responsibility that comes hand in hand with the power and autonomy. Having your own domain means that you get to go full throttle with your creativity, hiring a Los Angeles custom WordPress designer to customize your theme, and develop plugins for your website that are unique to it, and in tune with what you are trying to sell and the brand image that you are trying to create.

These basic distinctions make the choice pretty easy to make! So if you are interested in creating a blog to record your travels, share information on the city, or recipes that you’ve developed, head for, sign up for a free account and get cracking. The features that come with a free account are likely to be more varied and diverse than you need. If however, you want to start an online business and need more flexibility, space and above all more options for features, buy your own domain and download the software from

Let’s give its due. The good news with is that you have access to around 200 themes for your website/blog. The bad news is that you can’t make your own custom WordPress theme and use it on your WordPress website. You can, of course, customize the existing ones, but it’s not quite the same as having one tailor-made to suit your commercial requirements by a custom WordPress developer.

Pay for extra

There are other aspects of that make it unsuitable for an e-commerce website. For starters, you cannot post advertisements on them. There are many links that you cannot post on your page. Neither will you have the option of using any ecommerce plugins so your customers can complete online transactions and purchase your products. There will, however, be ads on your page from, and getting them removed from your website entails paying.

You can have some of the features on a site, but you’d have to pay separately for each of the privileges – whether it is to remove ad, asking for extra storage space, or embedding videos from certain websites. At the end of the day, you would be ending up paying quite a bit to retain your autonomy on a website. So if you have grand plans for your domain, it may be a better idea to spend a little more and opt for

Custom WordPress Theme

If you have your own domain and are using WordPress software, you may need a custom WordPress theme. For this, you must rope in a seasoned and skilled custom WordPress designer in Los Angeles, who will use the core WordPress software and use all the features that it offers to design for your blog or business website a custom theme that will cater to all your branding and e-commerce needs. The WordPress design team at CHRS Interactive will create a custom WordPress theme for your website that will attract more clients and make it easy for them to hop from one page to another and complete their transactions effortlessly.