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Wordpress Training At CHRS, we offer our clients comprehensive WordPress training to help them understand the workings of the website we design and create for them.

The process of creating your website does not end when your website is up and running. You will have to update it from time to time in order to keep it relevant and fresh. For instance, update your site with a new blog post. Connect with your customers and fans via social media. Create a holiday banner for the seasonal sale coming up at your e-store. In order to be able to do all this, you should know the basic elements that go into your website and how they work on WordPress. This is where our WordPress training puts you in the know.

Our team of Los Angeles WordPress experts has been in the WordPress development business for a very long time. We also have team members who have the ability to teach, and teach well. No matter if you are not so tech savvy or if you are somewhat of an expert on the Web, our team will explain how your website works so you can maximize its use. Our team of experts will tailor the training according to your starting level. You will learn the potential your website has and how you can keep it running at its best. If you face any difficulties after the first training, you can always get back to us with your queries and we will make sure you get it the second time.

Customized WordPress Training and Support All the Way

At CHRS Interactive we believe the websites we create are not just products but organic creations which need to be sustained. We are proud of our creations, and we want to make sure that they receive the attention and care that they need and deserve. This is why we never forget about our customers once we have developed and launched their websites for them. Our team continues to provide support to our customers when our help is needed.

This means that we tailor our training to your goals, technical abilities and plans for maintaining your WordPress website. Our training is not merely instructions read out from generic books, as many other web developer training programs are prone to be. We are here to listen to your questions and answer them as clearly as we can.

WordPress Consulting

Besides WordPress training and support, we also offer WordPress consulting services in Los Angeles. Our team of experts is well versed in fixing WordPress websites that are down besides being skilled at developing websites. We can provide you with custom solutions to any queries you may have regarding the right plugin for instance, or search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.

The consulting team at CHRS Interactive is always available to provide supplementary web support when you need it. We believe in forging nurturing relationships with our clients and one way of doing so is to always be available when we are needed.

Contact CHRS for more information on the training and WordPress consulting services we offer.