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WordPress users may, from time to time, find themselves in the position where they need to manage website data or software behind the scenes. By virtue of its incredible ease of use, a number of WordPress users may be people with little technical knowledge, and the need to tinker with their website functionality and information may seem more than a little daunting.

This is where cPanel comes into play. Created to provide an easy and intuitive way to access databases, mail accounts, domain names, and backup file systems, cPanel lets those users who may not have a great deal of technical knowledge to manage their website hosting with ease. It is designed to simplify the process of operating and managing a website, and cPanel uses a web based interface to do this.

By employing a tiered structure, cPanel makes it easy for website administrators to grant varying levels of access and control to different users. This makes it easier to facilitate the ease with which the website is updated and modified while still providing protection to the website’s vital files. Most of the time, cPanel will have an auto installer to facilitate the installation and use of content management systems.

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