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A WordPress profile contains the preferences and other information WordPress users set. Users can change the information on their profiles by logging into WordPress and going to the admin panel. Here, they can change a number of different preferences such as the color scheme of their admin panel and whether or not the admin bar is visible. They can also change their keyboard shortcuts here. Users can easily edit their profiles by signing in as an administrator and going to the Users, Your Profile section of their WordPress site.

WordPress requires very little information from users. All that users have to enter is their email address and a nickname of their choosing. However, many users do choose to include a bio, links to their websites, and other information on their profile. WordPress then displays this information on their websites and blogs. The profile area also allows users to change their passwords.

In addition to filling in the basic profile information provided by WordPress, these profiles can also be extended through plugins. WordPress Developers can add more fields to user profiles, including things such as social media account names, preferences, and other information. There are also plugins that allow users to edit their profiles without having administrator rights, which is often useful for WordPress sites that have been modified to run forums.

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