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Hosting your own WordPress website is a great option for individuals wanting to establish their own brand and earn money online. If you have the perseverance to dedicate some time to learning about the process of initial setup and installation, as well as the income to devote a few dollars every month, this particular setup could be extremely beneficial and efficient for your needs. Consider the following advantages of running your own self-hosted WordPress website:

Create and Personalize Your Brand

Self-hosted WordPress websites give you the flexibility to choose your own domain name, something that is particularly helpful in establishing your online brand and identity. Along the same line, private email IDs are often included in WordPress self-hosting plans. Personalized and private email IDs allow you to create and control emails, forwarding addresses, and spam filters – among many other features – for your different employees and services. Something else to consider is the customization potential for self-hosted WordPress websites: there are no design or style restrictions for self-hosted sites, giving you free reign to utilize the thousands of available themes and plugins in order to create a site that is perfect for your individual needs.

Maintain Your Website

From a purely profit-based perspective, self-hosted WordPress websites are more lucrative than those hosted on free platforms like You are in complete control of your website, your content, and your brand. You get to decide whether you want to display ads as well as what kinds of ads you would like to have your users see. Additionally, self-hosted WordPress sites allow you to expand in a way that free platforms never will. With a self-hosted website, you are free to grow your brand and services in any way you would like and. Many free platforms require you to pay for the smallest of upgrades such as custom layouts, online storage of images, and the option to remove advertisements. With a self-hosted WordPress website you can easily add features and upgrades without restrictions.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the benefits discussed above, creating a self-hosted WordPress website gives you access to a variety of features that are simply not available to individuals using a free platform. Some of these features include custom error pages, FTP access, daily system backups, and the easy installation of high quality plugins. You also have the ability to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website.

If you are interested in establishing a unique and personal brand identity, a self-hosted WordPress option is clearly a great option for your consideration. The unrestricted customization potential gives you limitless options regarding the appearance and functionality of your website, including the use of advertisements and the utilization of various plugins. This option also ensures that you are the only one benefitting from your work: you are free to grow and flourish without having to worry about purchasing expensive upgrades or missing out on the potential revenue of displaying your own advertisements to your users.